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This is so awesome and they are so adorable. Hope we will be able to see that movie sometime ;)
Let's continue busting the gender binary so that each and everyone of us can be safe and free to determin for themselves where we stand on that binary scale, either way.

This gender fluid 11-year-old is making history


An 11-year-old gender fluid actor has been deemed eligible for awards in male and female categories in Canada’s Leo Awards.
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Kelly Mantle breaks barriers as the first gender-fluid actor eligible for an Oscar


Gender-fluid actor Kelly Mantle explains why the Academy's historic decision to make him eligible in both male and female acting categories is opening up a bigger conversation about gender identity.
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For anyone interested in the history of LGBTIQA* liberation movements I really recommend watching this documentary "Screaming Queens". Little known, especially internationally, is the San Francisco Compton’s Cafeteria riot in August 1966. An important stepping stone leading to LGBTIQA* liberation as we know it today. A predecessor to the overshadowing Stonewall riots a few years later.
Both events have one important aspect in common that we should always be aware of: In both cases it were trans people, sex workers and, at Stonewall, POC who were in the midst of it all. Interestingly just those groups who still are marginalise, often face stigma and prejudice on a high level and are still fighting for a fair go and equality as of today.

On a sidenote: When I tried to google this documentary the search results were swamped by a series with a slightly similar name, which appears to be .... something completely different.

Screaming Queens | KQED Truly CA
by KQED Arts on YouTube

This is an awesome recognition: San Francisco will turn parts of the Tenderloin into a Trans Culture District and will make the former Compton’s Cafeteria and other historically remarkable buildings publicly accessible. What this means will need to be seen, as the Cafeteria folded in a few years later.

Transgender cultural district planned for San Francisco’s Tenderloin


Brilliant food for thought disguised as a promotional music video. Jenny Hval has just released the clip fir "The Great Undressing". A woman is going about her daily routines, such as househild chores, working out at a gym, shopping, swimming or celebrating with friends. The only difference is that she is completely nude all the time. But nobody cares, she is just one of the crowd.
What if being naked would be just normal? Would anybody care? Would it still be sexual? How do you feel watching this clip?

Jenny Hval – The Great Undressing (Official Music Video)
by Sacred Bones Records on YouTube

Besides, Jenny Hval seems to be an interesting find. Just listening to the album this single has been pulled from: "Blood Bitch". A piece about femininity, bodies, menstruation, vampire, power, vulnerability. Strongly recommend.

Blood Bitch, by Jenny Hval


Jenny Hval’s conceptual takes on collective and individual gender identities and sociopolitical constructs landed Apocalypse, girl on dozens of year end lists and compelled writers everywhere to grapple with the age-old, yet previously unspoken, question: What is Soft Dick Rock? After touring for a year and earning her second Nordic Prize nomination, as any perfectionist would, Hval immediately went back into the studio to continue her work with acumen noise producer Lasse Marhaug, with whom she co-produces here on Blood Bitch. Her new effort is in many respects a complete 180° from her last in subject matter, execution and production. It is her most focused, but the lens is filtered through a gaze which the viewer least expects.
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You might have come across Tobi Hill-Meyer somewhere. She is an activist, queer and trans advocate and educator, zine maker, queer porn website owner and herself a porn performer. As such she has criticised the trans fetishism in mainstream porn from a first hand perspective. She says that often mainstream porn production does not take into account the special abilities and differences of trans women. For example those (attention, due to the common connotation some might regard this term as derogative which we 100% do not intend) "chicks with dicks" are expected to sport a full erection and perform a cumshot. Both is incompatible with prolonged estrogen hormone therapy which can be an integral part of health care and well being.
Therefore this sexy anthology "Nerve Endings" written by and for trans people is exciting and will present sexual possibilities and expressions absent in mainstream porn and erotica. We expect this book to be important. That is why we are backing it and you will read a review once it has been released.
Maybe you too would like to support this book? You just have got three more days to show your support.
Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic


Thirty stories about sex, sexuality, and relationships, by authors connected to transgender community.
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Why is it called going down when it can leave us in a state of high?
Just in case you haven't heard it yet, Anais Nin has got a new book out. Well, it's not *that* new, but the erotic stories from Provincetown and the unedited version od Marcel had been hidden in plain sight among her archive without anybody knowing.
And this is the publisher's insider story about getting this literary discovery out of aamazon's censorship vaults. An interesting listen for anybody remotely interested in free speech and artistic independence. Or lack thereof in today's commercial world.

  Podcast 22: The Battle to Uncensor Anais Nin’s Auletris: Erotica : The Official Anais Nin Blog


Posted by Sky Blue Press Editor on November 25, 2016 · Leave a Comment  When Anaïs Nin’s long-lost erotica collection, Auletris, was published in October 2016 by Sky Blue Press, it was immediately censored by Amazon, the world’s largest retailer. What was amazing is not only was the most recognizable name in female erotica rendered invisible...

Oh, and should you want to purchase the book without supporting Amazon plus without Amazon's restrictive DRM, have a look at Smashwords.

Auletris: Erotica, an Ebook by Anais Nin


Auletris: Erotica is a major literary find--a collection written by Anais Nin, which was unknown until recently. It consists of two sections: "Life in Provincetown," which has never been published before, and "Marcel," the uncut, uncensored version of the famous story that appears in Nin's Delta of Venus. Nin approaches even the most dire taboos in her classic poetic prose.
Ein wirklich lesenswerter Artikel, der sehr gut zahlreiche Klischees anspricht und der Realität gegenüber stellt. Bemerkenswert finde ich auch ihren akzeptierenden Ansatz, jemandem auch wenn es aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen evt. seltsam klingt, anzunehmen und das Ausleben von Bedürfnissen und Phantasien zu ermöglichen. Natürlich gegen Bezahlung, aber es schwingt für mich so viel Liebe zu ihrem Beruf mit ... und um ihr selbstbestimmtes Leben beneiden sie ganz sicher viele, die tagein tagaus ihre Stunden abarbeiten, weil das halt so muß.

„Manche Männer wollen einfach Urlaub vom Menschsein machen.“ | Prostituierte - Undine de Rivière


Ein Gespräch über SM-Sex mit Gummihühnern, das Klischee der Zwangsprostitution und menschliche Bedürfnisse außerhalb von schlichtem rein und raus.
Da bin ich mal gespannt. Viel Spaß. ;)

Dildos - Immer hart, immer am richtigen Punkt und nervt nicht


Früher hießen sie Black Hammer oder Pink Lover, standen in Sexshops und rochen nach Weichmachern. Heute werden Dildos und Vibratoren als Designobjekte beworben.
... War letztens seit längerem mal wieder bei Rossmann. Sogar in der Kleinstadtfiliale bieten die jetzt billige kleine Taschenvibratoren an. *WOW*. Bei Gelegenheit...
... Die Sendung kann jetzt auch online angehört werden. Zumindest bis auf Weiteres.
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The porn revolution is not only long overdue, it may as well start inside your very own erotic living room. This is the essence of Madison Young's book "DIYPorn Handbook : A How-To Guide to Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution". Ever dreamed of creating your own porn? This book provides you with a lot of knowledge for every aspect of independent porn production: building your own creative community, creating a budget, preproduction, productions flow, paperwork, legalities and obscenity laws (written from an US-American perspective), the actual shooting process, post production, distribution and finally marketing and promotion.


The author Madison Young is a well known contributor to the world of alternate "indie-porn", she has gained her fans and followers as an outspoken feminist, artist, founder and artistic director of the famous non-profit Femina Potens Art Gallery, she is an educator, pornographer (both in front of and behind the camera), author, body and sex positive queer activist. As part of her activism she has been teaching DIYPorn workshops for long and this book has grown from there.  The  teaching experience definitely shows when it comes to structure, clear language and engaging the reader into the thought process, or more precisely: instigating a thought process inside the reader. From time to time she will ask you to stop reading, to grab pen and paper and to reflect upon topics such as: What is it that turns you on? What would your desire tell you about your wants and would you be surprised? Should porn always be arousing? Or could porn follow the tradition of performance art and expand into documenting erotic happenings that again make you as the viewer either  think, wank or both? Or is that not at all what porn is about, do you see brain and porn as antagonisms? Does humour have a place in porn?
These sometimes provocative questions are a great way to kick-start your own creative flow while at the same time diving deeper and deeper into the process of DIYPorn production. You will learn how to create porn, and as an essential bonus you will learn something about yourself and your very own, personal sexuality.
But the author not only wants us to learn the basic facts of DIYPorn, but rather to find our own artistic mission and expression. To become part of a growing number of people who want to free sex and sexual expression from the shame many impose upon it. Therefore it is fitting that she opens the book with her "DIY Porn Manifesto", which alone is very well worth a read. It is a call for action, not to wait until someone else gives us a voice, but to speak up and to get going. If you want to see more queer porn, DIY. If you miss non-stereotyped bodies, DIY. If you are hoping for representation of people with different abilities, DIY. Don't wait for change, be the change.
But to me  one of the most passionate and moving moments in this book is a short text where Madison documents a talk she had with her mother about her work as a feminist pornographic artist. It is this piece especially that you can draw a lot of power from and find your very own strategy to counter widespread predefined misconceptions of porn as a genre and the stigmatisation of the people involved.
Madison has also invited some friends and colleagues to provide her with additional information and essays that she spread thematically throughout the book. These add another layer of real life experiences, specialist knowledge and credibility. As to the name-dropping, you will find essays by some people you might already know and admire, such as Zahra Stardust, Jiz Lee, Maria Llopis, but also  some medical advice on disability-inclusive DIY porn by a sexologist and some candid talk upon business models from a tax pro.
Also worth a mention are those sometimes hilariously funny  example story drafts Madison included (put some humour into porn!), as well as a list of her production tool kit essentials, budgeting examples of some real life contracts.
And while it might be targeted explicitly towards film makers, the best compliment for Madison's work I can think of is: You need not necessarily be a film maker to be inspired by this book, her passion does translate to many other art-forms as well. Just keep an open mind. But this is one basic requirement for creativity anyway.
Even for the noncreative people among us, the “DIYPorn Handbook” can be a rewarding read, no matter if you are a porn novice or a seasoned porn connoisseur.  As a novice you gain a lot of background knowledge that will help you navigate  through that vast jumble of bad porn you will undoubtedly encounter. You will find yourself encouraged to think consciously about what you want to see and will find a lot of indications which can help you recognise not only which kind of porn will stimulate you,  but also how to find and recognise porn that matters and that has been ethically produced, and why that matters. And if you already do know your way around the porn universe, do know how to find the porn you really enjoy, you will be enriched by all the background information from "behind the scenes". I am sure that even for "just a consumer", this book will turn your previous views of porn and what it does for you around. It will widen your horizon and ignite your love for porn as an art form. Chances are, this book will change your porn viewing habits as they will become more varied and sophisticated in comparison to your habits before reading this book. You won't be fooled again by the narrow boundaries of mainstream porn.

At one place Madison writes that none of us "orgams the same way as another [and] no two people enjoy touch in exactly the same way". I would like to leave you with this. You are about to enter a field of boundless possibilities.

More information on Madison Young's DIYPorn workshops:

Order the DIY Porn Handbook:
Price: $15.95 print, $13.03 Kindle (at the time of writing)
Thanks for sharing this!
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What was it like when you visited a sex shop for the very first time? How did you feel? Shy, anxious? Excited? Overwhelmed? At least for me this description does ring so true. At least in the beginning.

It was 1996, I was in London for a few months and strolling around one of my then favourite places, the Tower Records store at Piccadilly Circus, where I closed almost each Saturday visit to London centre.
It was a kind of ritual: Get out of the tube, get one double choc muffin and one doughnut at what I today believe was a Duncin Doughnuts. I became aware of that chain only years later. After that, cross the street via those traffic lights and get into Tower Records. This kind of equalled heaven, though a very consumerist one. CDs, music books, magazines ... even some pretty specialized stuff. At the time The Beatles Monthly was still in print. I also got quite a few Beatlefan Magazine, a fanzine from the USA. Awesome! Plus it was there that I listened to  The Beatles Anthology Vol. 2 for the very first time. Those infectious giggles during And Your Bird Can Sing! And that otherworldly first take of Tomorrow Never Knows. Made me so high. Sounded very contemporary to me, it was Britpop at full swing. Blur, Oasis everywhere. I still do think that first take would have made a more than impressive cut, though I am glad they did not stop there. :)
Today that Tower Records store is no more. I believe they have turned into some fashion stuff or ... I don't know. But at least ... not Tower Records.

It must have been one of those music filled evenings, that I decided not to drive home at once but just to stroll about, without looking at the map to see where it would take me. At first I came past all those theatres and musical venues. It felt so magial, glamorous, only to walk past those houses, only to read all those signs.
I took the chance to extend my growing collection of those infamous sex worker advertising cards they used to place inside those iconic red phone boxes. To me those were exciting too, a phenomenon and cultural expression I needed to document. So I made it a habit to collect some of them once in a while. But only a few, as I felt taking too many of them would be disresprectful towards those women who depended upon this kind of advertising. But the phone boxes were becoming more and more plastered with these cards, so ... yes, I am very definetely a collector. :)

And then I turned around ... and found myself in the midst of London's red light district. I had never seen something like this before, had never been to Hamburgs Reeperbahn or the likes. I hesitated, but then I decided to take a look. Again, exciting as heck, all those luscious lights and signs, this time advertising sexual excitement of the verious kinds. Not that I was planning to take part in that. At one shady byway an old man with quite a few missing teeth offered me "You want a nice young lady, sir?" I declined. I also did not feel like starting a discussion about the varying definitions of "nice young lady", but anyway. I hurried back to the main street.
And there it was. Right at a street corner, a comparably safe haven among all this sensory overload ... an adult book store. Yay, books! Oh, that was much more to my taste! Yet, also exciting. Erotic photography, paintings and other art books ... wow. Little tobi in wonderland. :)
Then I saw that sign. An arrow. There was another floor, below.


As I descended this mysterious staircase I was passing eye masks, black feather boas, handcuffs and whips on display. Okaaay. Then the stairs took one sharp  right turn
and I was standing in a fully fledged sex shop. The first moment I must have looked quite confused, but I said to myself, now that I was here, I could as well have a good look around. And so I did. I saw a lot of stuff I had only read about, dildos, vibrators, more or less sexy lingerie, several aphrodisiacs (so that  was what Carlos Peron's song The Spanish Fly was all about ...)  and ... porn. So far I had only seen some soft porn magazines at school (someone had brought it ...), but this was a bit more exciting. Real pussies, real cocks, unashamed on display, in full action, in all their glory. I was just about to finish my tour , as a group of asian tourists descended the staircase, just like I had done a few minutes earlier. But this was like from some kind of slapstick movie. As soon as they turned around that corner, all the men went: "Aaaah!" and, with just a tiny delay, all the women went "Eeee!". And the things got tumultuous. The men were trying to enter the shop, but their women grabbed them one by one and dragged them back upstairs. It took a while before the shop fell silent again.  
Oh, these are truly priceless memories. Another example of "this could not be scripted".
I stayed a while longer and did watch some more people's reactions as they turned around the corner. It was hilarious, pretty good fun. I also watched the shop assistant, who was pretty indifferent to it all.
From then on I knew: A sex shop is nothing to be afraid of, it can even be fun.
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2016 has been an exceptionally strong year regarding albumgasms.
  • David Bowie: Dark Star
  • ANOHNI: Hopelessness
  • Anoushka Shankar: Land Of Gold
  • Brian Eno: The Ship
  • Paul Kelly: Seven Sonnets & A Song

Plus some awesome mind blowing leftovers from 2015 that landed in my sonic universe with great, almost embarrassing latency:
  • Thighpaulsandra: Golden Communion
  • Kamasi Washington: The Epic
  • Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp A Butterfly

Plus as of now 2016 is far from over. Another Yello album is about to land within a few weeks, but even though this is highly anticipated good news, I am still not sure whether I am really going to like it. Got to wait and hear. And who knows what is yet to come? The traditionally dense christmas season has just begun, yesterday I bought my first Speculaas cookies 2016. ;)
But all this mindboggling awesomeness might very well be topped by an album I did not expect at all, and if I had, my hopes would not have been too high. Be careful what you hope for, especially with old heroes.
Silver Apples are a legendary electronic pop avant-garde band that started in 1967 with the a self made jumble of oscillators, knobs, tapes, radio receiver and the likes. Originally a duo consisted of Simeon who created this strange instrument and Danny Taylor, drums. Today Simeon is the only surviving member, and after his 90s comeback was tragically cut short by a heavy tour van accident it took him until 2007 to really relaunch Silver Apples to much acclaim. It was a bit strange. Up until that tour many of us Silver Apple fans felt a bit lonely and isolated, as they seemed to be nearly forgotten after never really making it. But that tour caused quite a frenzy among many music lovers and it was beautiful to witness Simeon finally getting the recognition and adoration he deserves for being a founding father and pioneer of electronic music. Musicians have long been fans. John Lennon is said to have been a fan and Simeon jammed with Hendrix on his legendary studio recording of "Star Sprankled Banner" that was made before  the legendary Woodstock performance. Even though Simeon says that he remains uncredited he does cherish the memory, and rightly so. He released his own version on a limited edition vinyl only album that you could buy only directly from him. There it is called "Anthem". He says that there he has not been mixed as much into the background as on the official Hendricks release. My own copy is still unplayed.
And on a more contemporary note, Portishead even created a very loving homage to their heroes by crafting their song "We Carry On" after Silver Apples' grooves and style. Fan video footage of a joint performance can be found on the web.

And now we have got the surprise of an unexpected brand new album which even does live up to the cult status success of the Silver Apples debut.

Silver Apples: Clinging To A Dream

I have just finished the very first listen via Spotify, where it has already dropped, the CD is expected to land inside my letterbox on Tuesday. And ... yes, this album is a Silverapplegasm. Unique and challenging in an awesome way.
I am totally biased with this one. This band has been highly influential for me, their erotic "Love Fingers" did play a role during the most important time of my life: Falling in love with my now wife, during the time of chatting, showing each other music we love and quite some playlist flirting. ;)
And now the new album. "Clinging To A Dream", which is a line from the song "The Edge Of Wonder" which Simeon already played life here in Leipzig, 2012. Just imagine my astonishment when I discovered it in my Spotify Release Radar playlist. Instantly I pre-ordered the upcoming CD and decided not to worry as I would surely / hopefully learn to love the album.
To be absolutely blunt: My expectations have been very much surpassed. This is a worthy new incarnation, 48 years after the debut Silver Apples still sound fresh, strange and avant-garde. Still fully themselves. No compromises.
Compared to today's electronic music it sounds rather minimalist, which is due to the fact that Simeon is still using the old self made jumble of oscillators, strange knobs and circuits along with some found sounds, just as he did in the early days. They say he had to adjust his playing after the accident, but he surely is a master. Incomparable.
The songs are again admirably strange, with "The Edge Of Wonder" being the most accessible. But the stranger he gets, the more I love it. Once again he has found a wonderful flow of strangely minimalist groovy pop songs intermixed with very experimental tracks, partially merely soundscapes, very atmospheric like some very strange soundtrack music.
Very clearly Simeon still has a whole lot of fun creating and is curious enough to take another risk. He has already collaborated with young techno musicians, this again is truly himself.
What an experience. I love it. Put it on repeat. These sounds and grooves are so awesome they literally make me horny. Edgy, unique, archaic yet fully and unashamed itself. An album with character. Very much a candidate for album of the year, and 2016 has seen quite a few strong and very strong releases.
And now I am off to another Silvergasm.
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I have been at one of my favourite places recently: The alternate sex shop Other Nature in Berlin. They are vegan, eco-friendly, feminist, welcoming and one of the most lovingly styled shops I know, now matter what the genre. If you look around you can discover a lot of subtle and very, very tender humour in either the way they present their goods, the goods themselves or the decoration. A visit is always inspiring.
(And no, I am in no way affiliated to them and as of now they even do not know about this blog. :)

I have brought with me a little batch of fanzines, which I cannot wait to tell you about. They are all so beautiful, each in their own way ... (Else I would not have bought them ...)


The first one is "The Diary Of A Female Orgasm" by Comet Crowbar.
It is a very small zine, but if you read it slowly and devour the very obvious love for sex and words ... It's a pleasure. A poem in form of a zine. It is of a very small format, but I love it just for that. (A7, 18 pages, pink plus a transparent double-paper cover.) Wow. I am very easily seduced by such a love for detail and form.

It is quite a condensed diary about the beauty of discovering the healing power of orgasms. The excitement. The rush of emotions. There are quite a few lines I love a lot.

I am a 26-year old woman. I had never felt the power of an orgasm until a few months ago. (...) I am a newly sexualized, orgasmic human beging. (...) I had to find the feeling, but I found it.

The vibrator and me are lovers.

I broke my vibrator tonight. Fucking broke it! The power of my clitoris can kill machines!

The power of my clitoris can kill machines!
This is my very favourite quote from this zine. Never, ever under-estimate the mighty clit! :)
Okay, body! I must discover the full potential of my human body.

I felt the full waves of emotion, let them swell over me, and then guide myself to pleasure and peace of mind. Self therapy.

Very clearly a highlight in my small but growing zine collection.

You can either get it at Other Nature, or via the author's zine hub raumschiff zine distro.
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Today I learned that Joani Blank has died on August 6 2016. I must admit that I did know quite a lot of her endeavours and valuated them, but I did not realize that they were all hers. For example she was the woman behind the awesome Vulvart Tumblr which had not been updated in quite a few years but still is very much worth a look for all its vulvawesemness. She released "Femalia", a book of vulva photographs, which does help to demonstrate the beautiful diversity of vulvas. There is none alike, but all beautiful.
I just love her dedication to the cause and her courage. And you surely needed a whole lot of courage (and boldness) to fund a publisher for sex-related books in 1975, and even call it "Down There Press". That name alone ... And then, one year later, open "Good Vibrations", a pioneering feminist and sex positive sex shop in San Francisco.

There are so many sex education rock stars, and so overwhelmingly many of them are women. I raise my imaginary hat and give my dreadlocks a happy swirl in honour for them. We would really need a Literoticon Hall Of Fame, and Joani would very much belong into it.
Below is an interview with Joani Blank from supposedly 2015. You get to see what I guess is her living room (with this famous, iconic Jan Saudek photograph on the wall) and you get to meet the great Carol Queen showing you a around in today's Good Vibration shop and the Vibrator Museum.

Joani Blank - Sexual Education for Happiness
by Respectful Revolution on YouTube

She also has written two sex education books for children. They do show their age, but kudos to her that she released them under a creative commons license as a "donate if you want to" download from her personal website. I am attaching them here in order to keep the memory alive even if the website should vanish some day. Attaching a screenshot from today as prove.

Creative Commons License
A Kid's First Book About Sex by Joani Blank is licensed under a Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
The Playbook For Kids About Sex by Joani Blank is licensed under a Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

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Australian scientists have pronounced the end of the AIDS epidemic in Australia. Another recent study has shown that among 58.000 documented sexual encounters between couples where one person was on HIV treatment and had an undetectable viral load no new infections occurred, except from 11 that were not linked to their partner.
This means: After the traumatically horrendous 80s and 90s we have reached a point in time where AIDS no longer poses that awful threat it once was. With the correct treatment it is very much possible to lead a normal life.
But at the sane time countries such as Russia and many Asian countries experience a surge in new infections, especially among young people. What we need is accurate sex information and an urgent modernisation of the HIV narrative. The stigma which is still attached to HIV has become even more ridiculous and unfunded than it ever was. But we need to see global action, governments creating the possibility for access to information and treatment.

Please note:
There is a distinct difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the infection as such, while AIDS is the illness when the immune system fails. So you still do need to be careful and actively protect yourself. The best widely available options are still condoms, for some PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis using Truvada) might be another option. But this pill again does not protect you against STIs.

Hear more about this in this episode of "The Informer" from JOY 94.9.
JOY 94.9 The Informer: The end of AIDS
Scientists in Australia have declared “the end of AIDS” as a public health issue.

The announcement makes Australia one of few countries where the AIDS epidemic has been declared officially over – but HIV remains a major concern with over 1000 new diagnoses each year.

Tonight on The Informer Dean Beck speaks to Darryl O’Donnell, CEO of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and Bill Bowtell AO, Executive Director of the Pacific Friends of the Global Fund.
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Spannend. Sehr gut gemacht. Mit sehr vielen tollen Leuten. Und mit #anniesprinkle. Yay. ;)

(Hinweis: Die ARD Mediathek hält solche Sendungen nicht ewig vor ...)

Audio "Trainingslager "Sexueller Aktivismus": Gute Liebhaber werden keine Attentäter"  
Sex als politische Bewegung? Natürlich. So natürlich wie Sex eingebunden ist in private und politische Zusammenhänge. Was das heißt, lässt sich auf einem Bootcamp körperlich erfahren.
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Just stumbled across this awesome explainer video by London's Thamse Valley Police that explains the basics of consent in the most British way possible: by comparing sexual consent to a cup of tea.
One might think consent is so simple and easy no one would ever need to create an explaner video. Every day life proves different. So, should you have the need for a simple, even humorous lesson upon consent, this might be a strong contender.

Tea and Consent
by Thames Valley Police on YouTube
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Abbie Normal's debut "A Woman Walks Down The Street" is the evidence of one strong woman. In poetic prose she writes about her life, as she is finding herself as a trans woman. In an interview on the publisher's website she said that she did not intend this to become a coming out book, yet had to relent as she had to recognise how overwhelmingly central it was, transforming so many aspects of her life. Yet she tells her story with an interesting twist in a way that she only gives us some snapshots and leaves it up to us to piece it all together. The same goes for the language itself, she only hints but rarely paints a full picture. Therefore I urge you to read this real slow. Read the words and hear what the white space has to say. Paragraphs and indentations do a lot of the talking, just as powerful as pauses are in real life.


This is a courageous book. Very personal. Like a long term friendship zipped into approximately 55 pages. When reading this I felt blessed to accompany Abbie, to witness the strength she defends so fiercely as well as so many weak spots laid bare. Impressions from every day life, courage, disappointment, childhood memories, relationships, love and connection, people and experiences that made an impression on her, be it positive or negative. How she transforms it all into a form of accepting positive.

This book is the first of Bent, a new imprint of Go Deeper Press. While Go Deeper Press aims to emphasise the fun diversity of literary porn, Bent is even more ambitious in that it gives authors the chance to stretch even further, to experiment not only with content but also with form. "A Woman Walking Down The Street" sets the expectations high. I am excited.

Author: Abbie Normal
Title: A Woman Walks Down The Street
Publisher: Bent (an imprint of Go Deeper Press)
Format: Epub, mobi, PDF, print edition
Price: digital $3.99, print $15.99
Buy at: Go Deeper Press
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Catering to her reader's minds and pants is what sets Violet Blue's writing apart, and when selecting entries for one of her many erotic anthologies the same values apply. You can guess that my expectations were high when I received my free (full disclosure: I did not pay for this book) PDF advance edition of "Bisexual Husbands". But I love it. You can feel her love and heart all over, it is much more than just a collection of stories that have more or less coincidentally found their place in one file. Yes, I am happy to say that this ebook even exceeded my expectations. I see it is a great achievement for Violet Blue, the included authors and erotica as such. First, it tackles a subject that is rarely seen within any erotic medium in general: male bisexuality. Second, this book is indeed as smart as it is hot. And third, it is fair to the participating authors and it's readers.



Within its seven short stories you will meet seven heterosexual couples who risk the the adventure of allowing an outside male into their sex life, one way or another. How they do it and the kind of sex they are having is highly individual and makes up for an interesting read. We learn about their relationships, their doubts, love, trust and pleasure including quite hot sex. Some of which might be more to your taste, some less, but this variety is what an anthology is about. The sex acts include, if you want to break it down to such a raw technical level: Male-male oral, mutual male masturbation, anal male-male-female threesome, domination, pegging (anal male penetration by a female with a strap-on) and also quite a bit of female lust and masturbation. They are not just humping away, they are people of flesh and bone, well, almost. :)


The first impression the reader gets its from Violet Blue's really smart introduction. Apart from too many other books this one is really a must read. Not only is it a well written short essay on male bisexuality and it's (non-)acceptance within society, she also interweaves teasers from each story. Very well done, I instantly fell for this book, love that style. But she keeps it up throughout the book, as she inserts concise paragraphs with useful information. For example on how to select a strap-on the usefulness of lube or how to talk with your partner about possibly acting out a fantasy plus a few cocktail recipes. Thus she manages to create links between the individual stories and to plant some useful information. This is quite unique as far as I know, suits my own style and ... I just love it.



Each individual story has been written by another author: Emilie Paris, Eric Williams, Jodi Fowler, Jlia Moore, Dante Davidson, Craig Thompson and Alison Tyler. I must admit that from all these Alison Tyler was the only one I already knew before, though some other names at least sounded familiar. But Alison's contribution "Sparks will fly" is also my favourite one. I like the style and the nice little formal treat of how she frames the story with the title. That is the nice little extra that makes me lusting (attention! Intended cheap pun!) for more like this. Luckily there already are two more volumes to this new anthology series by Violet Blue, "Filthy Housewives".


And this brings on this anthology's achievement beyond the purely literary (sexy) aspects: The whole new series is being self-published at Violet's very own platform She established this in 2007 and while new publications have been somewhat sporadic over the years it appears to be really coming to life just now. Her guidelines are fairness towards her authors (she promises to share earnings fairly and equally almond the authors) and fairness towards her reader's and customers customers (no crippling DRM, at least when buying from her own site and not from Amazon). She has dismissed DRM throughout the years on a regular basis and has also been quite critical that she as an author has no say in whether or not Amazon is adding DRM bullshit to her works or not.

So all in all I absolutely love this book and the whole series, but there still is one complaint I do need to address. These books are offered as PDF files only. Unfortunately PDF handling is suboptimal on many devices (at least the ones I know), therefore I would very much prefer to add them to my epub collection. That way I would be much more flexible with adapting the reading experience to my very own requirements than work the static PDF, I could easily adjust the font size etc. As the Amazon Kindle format is very much an older, simplified epub ...

But no matter what, the price tag is also ridiculously low. $3.49 ($3.81 at Amazon at the time of writing) for some quality fair-trade indie-cool litporn, how much more could you ask for? Go for it and support some courageous bunch of erotic pioneers. And let's hope for more smart, hot and fair litporn that redefines the genres' boundaries as strongly as this one.

Get the DRM-free PDF for $3.49 at Violet Blue's own

Get the Amazon Kindle (with DRM) for $3,91 at the time of writing
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There are so many things you can do inside a living room, it is centre of the house and the ultimate space to reflect the real you. All other rooms serve a special purpose, the kitchen, the sleeping room, the bathroom, ...
Sexuality is the centre of our personality, yet the least goal oriented aspect of our selves. It engages the most varied combination of all our senses: listening, seeing, speaking, tasting,  touching and more. It is literally a body-mind experience and as such belongs to the most profound means of experience and expressions at our disposal. The deeper you immerse yourself the more you will discover the real you. Sexuality is the ultimate artform, most satisfying when done playfully and without purpose.  Eroticism is its sensual sibling.

Sexuality is the living room of the soul.
Welcome to LITEROTICON, the erotic living room.