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Description: Le Phonometograph
Location: France
Hometown: Paris
Keywords: Erik, Satie
About: Erik Satie was a composer, humorist, writer, calligrapher and cabaret pianist who lived 17 May 1866 – 1 July 1925. This channel is a tribute to his life, is art and a tribute to how he influenced the world we live in today.
He was highly involved in the "invention" of absurdism, minimalism, modernism and surrealism. He is the original inventor of Musique d'Ameublement, today also known as Ambient Music.
Description: the quiet pleasure rebel
About: There are so many things you can do inside a living room, it is centre of the house and the ultimate space to reflect the real you. All other rooms serve a special purpose, the kitchen, the sleeping room, the bathroom, ...
Sexuality is the centre of our personality, yet the least goal oriented aspect of our selves. It engages the most varied combination of all our senses: listening, seeing, speaking, tasting,  groping and more. It is literally a body-mind experience and as such belongs to the most profound means of experience and expressions at our disposal. The deeper you immerse yourself the more you will discover the real you. Sexuality is the ultimate artform, most satisfying when done playfully and without purpose.  Eroticism is its sensual sibling.

Sexuality is the living room of the soul.