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Hijra Lives In Bangladesh is a new photobook produced by the UN. I find it very moving and well done. Even though Hijras are now legally recognized social recognition appears to be stil a long way to go. This lavish photo book wants to  help in the process. It pairs portraits with quotes which together form a bigger picture about life as a Hija, life as the third sex or as we would say, transgender women.
The book is very well done, the photos are very matter of fact but expressive just because of this perceived simplicity. And the quotes are used as a tool to tell the story using what lastly becomes a collage of the womeb's own words. Although for safety reasons photos and quotes do not match, which in itself says a lot. There are many quotes that resonate with me, in their very own way. But this one does especially as it shows how simple it could be to help in a sustainable manner. If you ask what people really want.
An ashram has been built for us in Narayanganj but I think we should have been given a garment business instead. Then we would have employment and society would have benefited."
- Sani, Dakar

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The file weighs just some friendly 4.6MB.

This is a little movie about the book:

Story of a Battle
by UNDP Bangladesh on YouTube

Not leaving anyone behind – photo-book ”Hijra Lives in Bangladesh”


More than half of the third gender population experience violence, discrimination and abandonment or sexual assault and abuse at early age in their natural families. This was said today at a panel discussion following a launch of a photo-book ”Leaving no one behind: Hijra Lives in Bangladesh”, in BICC, Dhaka. Members of the third gender communi...