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Sometimes life surprises us with beauty and erotic power at the least suspected places. Such as a hotel toilet. Currently on a holiday trip we visited castle Bötzelär which is a beautiful hotel today. Additionally you can marry there, enjoy some local art exhibitions or just have piece of cake and a coffee.
And at the toilet I was struck by this colour- and powerful sculpture. Sorry, I do not know the artist or anything, but I love the multilayered female and self-aware erotic pride it displays, the stories it tells. I read in there stories of pride, empowerment, sadness, but (literally) also hurt and pain. But all in all with an overall sense of stubborn positivity.
Very multilayered and, as good art should be, thought provoking to create one's own stories.
Positioning such a sculpture at a toilet is an act of subversive thoughtfulness. Love it.
(Please especially note the dancing female figure on the neck, composed of vulva, labia and clit. Also love the proud menstrual power symbolism.)
Honestly, I wonder who created this.